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Purchase Your Copy Of NextKast Pro
Perfect solution for the Pro Internet and LPFM, FM/AM broadcaster

NextKast Pro
Price Includes activation code for nextKast PRO Version for unlimited use including free lifetime software updates

12 months Support Included for free
(see version differences on download page)

Purchase Your Copy Of NextKast Standard
Great cost effective Solution to get your Internet Radio Station up and running

NextKast STandard
Price Includes activation code for nextKast STANDARD Version for unlimited lifetime use
12 months Support Included
(see version differences on download page)

Monthly Lease

Contact Us for Details at or 210-286-2975

Add Ons and Extras

Purchase NextKast PRO Voice Tracking Module Lease (requires purchase of NextKast Pro License)
Perfect Add On solution for Stations that need more than 2 Voice Tracking only Copies. 

Vt Module
VoiceTracking Module Lease Cost :

Up to 3 Presenters/Voicetracking Modules $10 a Month

from 4  up to 10 Presenters/Voicetracking Modules $25 a Month

More than 10 Presenters/Voicetracking Modules (Please Call for Custom Quote)

OPTIONAL Purchase NextKast PRO Yearly Phone Support 
Recieve Support for One Year. First Years Support Included in Pro License

$29 Per Year
Existing Pro License Code

Once we have received your payment, we automatically email you an unlock code (serial code) that will register your copy of NextKast. Please make sure to check your Spam folder and allow at least 15 minutes for email. This will remove the 2000 minute total limit. Once registered you will have unlimited operation with no limitations.
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